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The A-Z Ideal Online Mentoring Process That Works

 The process of mentorship begins with the Mentee preparing before approach a potential mentor he wants. Naturally, these Individuals you see as Mentors can really be busy at times, and it would take sacrifice on their part to mentor you effectively. Talk of their time and energy, nevertheless, most enjoy the process of mentoring others and find so much satisfaction doing it.

I was very amazed at the response I was receiving from potential mentors when I was still building this platform. Some replied my mail stressing the gap and lack of a formal longterm mentorship platform that would make aspiring students and young professional Industry fit.

Now in an Ideal Mentoring process, the mentor and mentee document their relationship goals . And these career mentors help mentees to be well equipped and also be able to meet the real world demands, and solving real world problems with their existing skills by engaging them in training.

These Mentors help boost their confidence, esteem, and achievement rate. They handle set backs, challenges and give expert knowledge to mentee based on their experience in the Industry.

We will explain the way we do it here at Crefounder for the Mentor and Mentee


  1. Research: This covers identifying your pain points and bottlenecks in your career, and carrying out a research on the potential mentor after identifying the particular area you need help the most.
  • Application: This is when you reach out to the Mentor by applying through our website and immediately it gets to the Mentor, it’s reviewed and then confirmed. Before the Mentor agrees to mentor you, he goes through your goals, challenges and expectations. He or she then respond to your application with this confirmation, and as soon as we see this, we send you a link to make your payment and commerce the mentorship and this is both online and offline.
  • Introduction: As soon as you make payment, you gain automatic access to the group having your own profile with great features like chat, call, task and assignment tab and you both get to introduce yourself to one another , building relationship, and understanding one another, the mentee’s goal, challenge, expectation, and the mentor’s experience and style of mentoring, as this will go a long way for an effective mentoring.
  • Plan: Mentor shows mentee the right path and lead him to be strong in his decision for the future, while dreaming wide. The Mentorship is pay as you go for a one week duaration.  Mentor then plan a day for a physical meetup, and starts the Mentoring proper. The Mentor gives the Mentee tasks, assignments and projects, while the mentee gives daily feedbacks to the Mentor. The Mentor shares solutions, and counsel the Mentee on the best way to go about the tasks to meet the set goals.

Mostly importantly, the mentor gets the mentee to open up , share experiences, and be willing to accept facts and learn. The Mentor challenges mentee and supports also in a  friendly yet professional way,  and points what mentee should avoid and create structure for growth.

Summary on the steps followed by the Mentor and Mentee


  1. Agrees on Mentorship and be thankful
  2. Mentor calls Mentee and  both talk on phone
  3. The goals are set and expectations are clear
  4. Mentor hears out the mentee’s experience and challenge
  5. Mentee carries out tasks and assignments
  6. Mentee sends daily updates on tasks
  7. The Mentee is then invited to meet up with mentor


  1. Understand what your mentee is looking for from you
  2. Plan the day and time for a physical meet up
  3. The Mentor guides the mentee to set goals
  4. The Mentor helps the mentee to approach tasks like an Industry Professional
  5. The Mentor breaks goals into tasks with deadlines for the mentee
  6. Receives daily updates from Mentee and evaluates Mentee’s performance in approach and then advises the Mentee
  7. Gives solution to the Mentee and lets him complete other tasks
  8. Recommends materials to help Mentee grow
  9. As the mentorship duration comes to an end , He recommends another Mentor for even more progress or lives the Mentee to make decision to come back again

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